Millennium Development

What We Do

The world’s richest countries engage in support of global development because it is considered crucial to the country’s foreign policy as diplomacy and defense. The support is generally in the form of financial aid, however, this aid cannot and should not be indefinite because it will not achieve the intended goal: strengthening fragile states.

Millennium Development supports those considerations by designing and implementing long-term solutions to specific problems and by helping fragile states build the necessary legal tools and capacities to become sustainable. Each individual project’saim is to ensure the beneficiary carry on the solutions without further international involvement or financial support.

Millennium Development, (MD) is a Virginia Limited Liability Company established in July 2012 with the sole purpose of providing groundbreaking solutions to institutional and political challenges in conflict and post-conflict countries. MD supports stability and human progress throughout the world. We work globally addressing democracy and governance, rule of law and justice.

MD has been working with its affiliates in Afghanistan promoting gender justice, legal reform, capacity building and public awareness.

MD is an expert in good governance programming with a focus on addressing rule of law and justice and peace-building. Those experiences equipped MD to find unique solutions to complex issues and collaborate with wide range of stakeholders, beneficiaries and donors often under difficult circumstances.

Each program is unique and MD approaches it with its unique model combined with access to resources and the necessary means to provide highly effective, customizable and agile solutions to the governance and terrorism issues fragile states face.

MD’s delivery model features flexibility, cost management and controls, utilization of local expertise, safety and security, and a robust monitoring and evaluation program reporting on results.

Rule of Law and Justice

Axiomatic of today’s long-term, sustainable economic and social development is the building of democratic governance rooted in the rule of law. MD provides mentoring, training and monitoring services to the justice sectors for its clients.

MD supports the strengthening of government institutions in conflict and post-conflict countries through legal reform and capacity building to bring legitimacy, integrity to public services, resulting in a change public perception of these public institutions.

MD provides legal training to the justice sector professionals including the judiciary and law enforcement as well as other line ministries, and empowers citizen and civil societies to hold government institutions accountable to the public.

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

A major aim of international intervention (at times militarily) is to destroy or prevent terrorism throughout the world. An aspect of the counter-insurgency efforts is to combat Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), and financing of terrorism. To accomplish this, MD is committed to providing effective, sustainable and measurable change across the spectrum of conflict and post-conflict environments. MD provides programs in de-radicalization and counter-narrative as well as mentoring and training law enforcement (police and prosecutors) on skills necessary to successfully prosecute terrorists and seize assets.

Combating Corruption

Corruption is undoubtedly a symptom and an outcome of a weak government with potential adverse effects on a country’s economy, public trust in the institutions, and respect for the rule of law. It encompasses abuses by government officials such as embezzlement and nepotism, as well as abuses linking public and private actors such as bribery, extortion, influence peddling, and fraud. Corruption in conflict and post-conflict countries takes on an array of forms including predatory, petty and percentage.

Corruption also lead to facilitating drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering, but it also leads to financing of terrorism in certain countries like Afghanistan. MD experience in this field requires designing unique program for each situation that involves government buy-in, engagement of a variety of stakeholders, and public campaign. The most important aspect of combating corruption is the strengthening of the law enforcement institutions, judiciary of the country, but specifically, prosecution.

Public Campaign and Outreach

MD draws upon its experience of successful public campaigns to ensure that delivery of project reaches the intended audiences. MD through is an expert in designing and implementing strategic, research-based public outreach campaigns. MD utilizes print, broadcast and social media to ensure citizen awareness and participation as well as exchange programs, study tours, conferences, and workshops for public awareness campaigns.

Capacity Building and Mentoring

Building institutional capacity is the corner stone part of peace building efforts in conflict and post-conflict states; otherwise, the inability of the state to deliver basic services will keep the state in that fragility. A robust capacity building program is necessary to build the institutional capacity of the state enabling it to provide basic services, a channel for citizens to redress a wrong, and bring legitimacy to the state institutions and respect for the rule of law.

MD will implement capacity building projects using a unique methodology in this field. MD has subject matter experts in anti-corruption, anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering, and counter-narcotics. MD can also recruit experts locally or internationally as required by the specific project. As part of its holistic approach to building capacity, MD also conducts exchange program and study tours. The most important aspect of MD’s capacity building program is the monitoring and evaluation of the project success impact.